COA Balloon Fiesta Park Update to the Master Development Plan and Conceptual Site Plan

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico

Project Info:.

Completed: 2014

Project Description:

Our design team was hired by the City of Albuquerque to update the existing Master Development Plan and to provide conceptual ideas for creating a successful year round park.  Home to the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta,   Balloon Fiesta Park is Albuquerque’slargest and most prominent park.  It is also the region’s largesttourist attraction.  The 358 acre park property was acquired in 1996.  A Master Development Plan was created in 1998 which guided the installation of basic infrastructure improvements.    

Conceptual ideas Proposed :

  • Increase year-round activities and uses in the park .

  • Maintain the 47 acre balloon launch field along with an aerial setback around the field to preserve the use of the field as a balloon launch and landing area.

  • Develop additional recreation activities.

  • Develop a Balloonist Tribute Area to honor lost balloonists.

  • Develop a strong connection across the concrete lined La Cueva channel, creating a nexus between the Balloon Museum and the Balloon Launch Field.

  • Redesign Main Street –( the main pedestrian promenade along the launch field). Create a structural framework along Main Street forvendors to be located within. Install utilities within the framework(The framework will eliminate the need for the tents and portable utility installations)

  • Develop the infrastructure : Add permanent toilet facilities; relocate roads to the perimeter of the field away from pedestrians; Install landscape improvements: use of land forms and berms to create different viewing opportunities, pedestrian paths, and landscaped improvements;  Redesign and enlarge the Bus depot along with pedestrian circulation structureto the east escarpment area; Create new bicycle paths to and through the Park, and provide bicycle parking lots.

  • Develop multiple outdoor performance venues of different seating capacities ranging from 200- 8,000 seats plus lawn seating.

  • New Facilities which include : Community Recreation Center, Multi-PurposeEvents Center, ice skating, merry-go-round, Follie structures to house the multiple clubs and activity users of the park ( soccer, model airplane, bicycle racing, astronomy).