Butterfly Pavilion

Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico

Project Info: An open air seasonal 3,400 SF butterfly habitat for indigenous north American butterflies.

Completed: 2000

Project Description:

While under a City of Albuquerque On-Call contract, the Zoo director contacted LGA to see if we could help him implement his desire for a butterfly enclosure. With only minimal finding and a site that serves as a drainage retention pond during heavy rains the challenge seemed enormous. In recalling his experiences as ayouth walking on docks along the waterfront, Lee designed the pavilion utilizing a series of pressure treated wood piles sunken into the ground. A wood deck spans between the poles and leads the visitors through the open air exhibit. A finely woven stainless steel mesh contains the butterflies at the outside of the ‘envelope.’ By changing heights of the poles and adding brightly colored shade cloth, the facility alludes to the notion of flight, and aspirations. In addressing the low budget, Lee arranged for a local power company to donate their time to install the poles. The 3,400 SF seasonal enclosure houses indigenous North American butterflies.